Big Green “BG9100” Rechargable Electric Sweeper – Green


Big Green “BG9100” Rechargable Electric Sweeper – Green

Battery Rechargeable (for Households)

For the quick and comfortable in between cleaning of hardwood floors and carpeted floors.

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Do you need to quickly sweep up crumbs and other dirt from any surface floor?

The “Big Green Cordless Electric Sweeper is always ready for use and simplifies the in-between cleaning of all kinds of floors when it’s too much trouble to use the vacuum cleaner. Due to the fast brush removal technique, the telescopic wand and the rechargeable battery, this Battery Powered Sweeper fulfills highest demands for quality, ergonomics and handling.

Features & Benefits

  • 56 dB (A) on carpet / tiles / wooden floors – Low noise level, no noise irritation by this silent machine
  • Battery operation – Cordless, no set-up time, quick availability
  • Big Green cleans close to the edge up to 1 mm.
  • Compact machine – Space saving, light weight, needs little room for storing, light and manoeuverable
  • Ergonomical hand grip – Easy and comfortable guiding of machine
  • Parking Position – Unit can be parked freely in the room during working stops
  • Pedal switch- No bending down, comfortable turning on and off
  • Removable battery for charging in or outside of the machine –
    No interruption in the cleaning process, the consumer can insert an extra battery and continue working (optional accessory)
  • Removable brush – Very easy and hygienic brush release by pushing a button for cleaning or replacement
  • Sweeps debris up to a size of 12 mm – Various possibilities of application, sweeps flour as well as peanut shells
  • Sweeps on hard floors as well as on carpets and other textile floors –
    Variable possibilities of application in the whole house. Effortless cleaning of carpets up to a pile height of 10 mm.
  • Telescopic wand – Optimal working convenience by individually adjustable stick length
  • Wall bracket with special rest for the charger – Easy space saving storage, K 55 and charger are always ready to use
  • Waste container is easy to take out and to put in – Quick, easy emptying, and hygienic emptying – no contact with dirt
  • Waste container with sweep wedge – Prevents debris from crumbling back, cleaning result is and stays perfect

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


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