Lindhaus Pure Power Dry Carpet Cleaner-15lb Bucket


Lindhaus “Pure Power” Dry Carpet Cleaner – 15lb Bucket


Lindhaus "Pure Power" Dry Cleaning Coumpound – 15lb Bucket

  • Eliminates over-wetting
  • Allows quick use of carpeted area
  • Use for large areas or spot cleaning
  • Emulsifies oil and grease quickly
  • Does not promote re-soiling
  • Available in 3.5lb pails and 15lb buckets

Pure Power Dry is a dry extraction carpet cleaning compound designed specifically for Lindhaus machines. Problems associated with wet cleaning methods are not found in this system because the product remains dry. This allows the immediate use of the carpet. The active ingredients in this mixture emulsify and hold soils and may be removed by vacuuming when dry.

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Weight 2 lbs


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