Miele “FJM” AirClean 3D Dust Bags – 4 bags + 2 filters

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Each package includes:
4 Genuine Miele “AirClean” High-Performance Dustbags, 1 Dust compartment Safety Filter and 1 Super Air Clean Filter.

Improved Technology Miele’s revolutionary and patented DustBag is an important component of the vacuum cleaners filtration system. Our unique AirClean_TM DustBag is a 9-layer fortress of electrostatically charged material that traps micro-sized debris in the airtight vacuum chamber. With its spring-loaded, self-locking collar you’re never exposed to the tiny, lung-damaging dust and allergens you worked to vacuum up!

Miele “FJM” AirClean Dust Bags – 4 Bags/2 Filters
Miele’s AirClean layered special fabric Dustbag has many advantages
20% longer suction performance.
15% improved filtration
Automatic Dustbag closure for hygienic removal and disposal

Fits Miele Models:
Compact “C1 & C2” Series, S246i-256i, S290-S291, S300i-S399, S500-S578, S700-S758, S4000-S4999, S6000-S6999 Series:

  • All Compact “C1” Family of Canisters
  • All Compact “C2” Family of Canisters
  • All “S4” Galaxy Series (S4000 series)
  • S514i Direct Connect, Mango Red, Red Velvet, & Solaris (500 series)
  • S314i Red Star (300 series)
  • S251i Plus & Naturel (200 series)
  • All “S6” canisters (S6000 series)