To Repair or to Trade In?

Another great question…

Bubba Says…

It really depends on a number of considerations:

  1. Vacuum and/or Extractor Repair Cost…¬†Our “Rule of Thumb…”
    When a repair cost is at or above half the cost to replace it’s probably time to consider trading in.
  2. Did you like your vacuum and/or extractor when it was new?
    If you liked your unit it’s not a bad idea to refurbish it and keep it running.
    We’re all for not filling up the landfills.
  3. Is your older unit “up to speed” on filtration or features?
    Older models can’t offer the advanced features and better filtration the newer models offer.
  4. How old is your current unit?
    The average lifespan for many models is about 7 years.
    Brands such as Miele, Riccar and Sanitaire are built to last much longer but many aren’t.
    We can offer our opinion on your unit and how much longer we can keep it running well.
  5. Does your current unit do everything you need done?
    If so, let’s keep it running.
    If not, there are lot’s of choices and trading in offers additional savings.

The choice is ultimately yours but the above guidelines may help you navigate through the process.

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