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Whether you need a new Oreck Vacuum or your Oreck repaired or in need of supplies for your Oreck, we’ve got you covered.

Oreck has earned its reputation for making one of the finest vacuums available. That singular, consumer-satisfying goal continues to drive Oreck: to provide easy-to-use, lightweight, and durable vacuums and other cleaning tools — each with exceptional power — for every room in the house. Manufactured and assembled in Cookeville, TN, brings back the pride of “Made in the USA”.

Top Oreck Vacuum Products, Minneapolis MN

Oreck’s upright vacuums include the Elevate Conquer, Elevate Control, and Elevate Command, all with full access, low-profile design, LED headlights, light weight of less than 10 lbs., and cords of 30 ft or greater. Select from Oreck’s upright vacuum options including warranty and service tune-ups.

The Residential Multi-Purpose Floor Machine by Oreck buffs and polishes hard wood and scrubs and cleans carpeting, ceramic, tile, grout and concrete. Revitalize vinyl, brick, slate and stone!

The Oreck Handheld “Companion Vacuum” offers bagged filtration, weighs less than 5.5 lbs, includes vacuum and blower functionality and onboard accessory storage. Crevice/upholstery/dusting attachments included!