Riccar R21 Spirit Upright Vacuum

The Riccar R21 Spirit Upright Vacuum delivers on power, filtration and durability

About the Riccar R21 Spirit upright: the vacuum’s ergonomic handle is comfortable, and the power switch is conveniently located in the handle. The R21’s cord release is at a comfortable height (no leaning over) and easy to use. The attached hose has fantastic reach and includes a telescoping wand. The R21 vacuum houses a brush attachment on the back allowing for easy transitions from floor vacuuming to detail work such as dusting. Clog and overfill indicators and suction control valve make the vacuuming process more efficient: the valve reduces suction for drapes or specialty carpets. The R21’s front door releases to easily change the HEPA filter or bag, and the metal brush roll is extra-durable and performs well when deep-cleaning carpeting. The R21 easily lays flat for vacuuming hard-to-reach spaces beneath furniture. Wheels are built to transition easily from hard flooring to carpeting. Front bumper construction and materials reduce marring and marking, protecting your baseboards and furniture.

See the Riccar R21 Spirit Upright in action

Accessories, replacement bags and filters for the Riccar R21 Spirit Upright are also available from A-1 Vacuum!

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