Miele Customer Loyalty Trade-In Offer

Miele Customer Loyalty”Trade-In” Offer:

A-1 Vacuum in cooperation with Miele has introduced a new Customer Loyalty* Program to select Miele Owners.
(* Trade-Ins limited to older Miele S2xxi or S3xxi series).

Miele Owners who qualify can trade in their old Miele Canister for one of two models of our new Miele Canisters at a deeply discounted “trade-in” price while this offer is available.

Please contact A-1 Vacuum at (651) 222-6316 or info@A-1Vacuum.com for details and limitations.
This offer is for Miele owners with older models looking to upgrade to a new Miele Canister Vacuum.

Contact A-1 Vacuum

2575 Fairview Ave N, #180
Roseville, MN 55113

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